Josephine County Historical Society
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Living History Program

To encourage community interest in history, we host educational as well as entertaining events at our facilities, and the Living History Players present outreach programs to many groups and organizations.

Living History Players

Schmidt Family

Claus, Hannchen, Herman, Reinhold, Anna, Flora and Aunt Emma Gebers

Anna and Flora

Anna and Flora

Claus and Hannchen

Claus and Hannchen

Early Pioneers/Oregon Trail, Miners, Loggers, etc.

"Indian" Mary Peco Peters, Josephine Rollins Ort, Joe Dysert, Clay Ramsey, Thomas and Hannah Croxton, Caroline Sexton, Mary Harris Simon and Martha Jane Messinger, Lizzie Heberle, Viola Flanagan, Mrs. T.F. (Emma) Croxton, Jesse Applegate, Barney Murphey, Caroline Briggs, Mary Elizabeth Hay Hayes, Mary John, Rosa Orme, Evalyn Lewis Wetherbee, Buena Wetherbee, Ida White Savage

The Oregon Caves

Early Lawmen and Politicians

Sheriff Jim Hendershott, Sheriff Joe Lewis, Senator George Briggs

Pioneer Business People and Colorful Characters

Claus Schmidt (mercantile proprietor), "Blind George" Spencer (news stand entrepreneur), Nathan Dodge (postmaster), Amos Voorhies (newspaper founder/editor), Professor Charles Kurth (bandleader), Mrs. Edith Rehkopf (millinery/variety proprietress), "Tin Lizzie" Opal Gentner (first woman to drive an automobile in Grants Pass), Dr. Sherman Loughridge (medical doctor), Jenny O'Brien (Palace Hotel madam), Alberta Patton (hops grower), Mrs. Nellie Neas (professional seamstress)

Mid-Century Grants Pass History People

Such people include: Lona Belle Dudley Blakely, Colonel Leroy Gray Heston, Beulah Momsen

Lona Bell Dudley Blakely

Lona Blakely

We are currently in need of players for the following people:
Herman Schmidt, Reinhold Schmidt, Caroline Sexton, Sheriff Joe Lewis, Senator George Briggs, "Blind George" Spencer, Elijah Davidson. If you are interested in any of these open roles or would like to find another figure from Josephine County history currently not portrayed, please give us a call! (541) 479-7827.